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Alex Larson

Bike Specs


2008 Class(es):            Super EX




Strengths:               Alex is quite impressive to watch.  Fabulous jumping skills and he definitely enjoys riding challenging  BMX tracks.  Away from the track, he spends time trail riding, riding skateparks, riding his Kawasaki motocross bike and working on computers.  Alex graduated from Forest Park IT Specialty High School and was honored with the Silver Metal in 2007.  He is attending ECPI and will graduate 2010.  


                              Alex had an accident July 2008 requiring rotator cuff surgery which to our surprise is requiring a much longer recovery time than we thought.  Following major surgery on his right shoulder and intensive therapy, Alex has pretty much recovered from his injuries. While he misses BMX racing very much, he has been taking his doctor's advice to take time off from racing for a couple of years. Alex hopes to get back into BMX racing someday right now he is continuing his education at ECPI Tech school  (mechanical engineering), working part time and still riding trails. He wishes all his BMX friends the best. 



Current Rankings:         Super EX


BMX Highlights/Accomplishments: 


            2008                Super EX - injured         

            2007                Super EX - completed 3 Elite Races

            2006                18 Expert

            2005                17 Expert

            2004                16 Expert

                                    16 Cruiser

            2003                Ranked 6th  Nationally 15 Novice

                                    Ranked 9th Regionally 15 Novice

                                    Ranked Regional Champion 15 Cruiser

                                    State Champion 14-15 Cruiser

            2002                Ranked 12th Nationally 14 Novice

                                    Ranked 28th Nationally 14 Cruiser

                                    Ranked 3rd Regionally 14 Novice

                                    Ranked 3rd Regionally 14 Novice

                                    State Champion 14 Novice

             2001               Ranked 3rd Nationally 13 Rookie

                                    Ranked 4th Regionally 13 Rookie

             2000               Raced local races








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   Danklefs, Inc.