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Alex Larson

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These not the kind of pictures we like to post but I believe it explains everything.  Thursday evening before the Regional Alex pulled some nice 360s at the Hampton SuperTrack on the big double on the second straight.  Unfortunately, Friday luck was not on his side.  Alex had rotator cuff surgery on Thursday, July 20 and things were not good.  Dr. Aguiar found that there was damage from years ago and the three dislocations of Alex's shoulder this past year did not help.  Dead tendon had to be cut off and the tendon stretch over and reattached.  He has 4 weeks in a sling with his arm strapped to his body.  In about a week he starts physical therapy for 3 long months.  First month the physical therapists will be moving his arm, second month Alex will help with moving his arm, and the last month he will be moving his arm on his own.  Dr. Aguiar has said he will not be riding his bike for at least the next 4 months.




After surgery                                        A week after surgery




Tuesday, May 20, 2008





Alex and Diego Thanksgiving 2001








Crazy Jump

graphic by Alex





Fall 2005

this jump can be found in the deep

 dark back section of the trails.

Go searching next time you are there...






Alex, Sam, & Emi



James Madison Senior Prom

Vienna, VA



Prom Party

Friends And More Friends


Forest Park Senior Prom

Alex and friends...

(There is life other than racing!)

Alex & Katy


Alex, Tyler, Brandon, Wayne & Katy


Fall 2001

Grand National Finish

Rookie R3

First year racing


The picture below is one of our favorite!

Alex jumping while racing John.  It looks

like Alex is going to land on John.   After

 the race John told us he thought Alex was

 going to land on him.

South Park 2003



WOW - Alex is riding!

Looks like you have learned

a lot in graphics class

nice graphics work Alex...


You should be able to get a good job!

graphics by Alex




Alex's surgery 4-20-2006 performed by Dr Aguiar.










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